Connecting Fitness and Leadership. An OCS Perspective

Physical fitness and leadership are interconnected in more ways than can be written. On paper, leadership accounts for 50% of candidates' overall grade while physical fitness makes up 25%. The reality is that the two categories of evaluation and not separable. Physical fitness will play an important role when it comes to proving your leadership ability. It should come as no surprise that Officer Candidates School tests for leadership competency in the midst of stressful and physically intense environments. Maintaining [...]

Leading Your Peers. The Key To OCS Leadership.

Before anyone could ever hope to lead Marines they must first learn to lead their peers. Officer Candidates School is interesting in that it tests whether individuals are capable of establishing command authority over their peers. Being put in a candidate billet is going to mean close to nothing to your peers. It is an interesting reality that you must experience for yourself. After 3-4 weeks of training and over a dozen billet changes candidates begin to lose respect for [...]

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Dress Blue Uniform Tips For New Marine Officers

It is expected that newly commissioned officers will make mistakes. Many of which are going to be small and insignificant. However, any opportunity to pass on wisdom to help others avoid mistakes should be taken. Here are a few tips for those who have never worn the blue dress uniform before. More than a few lieutenants have gotten one or more of these things wrong. Medal Placement This is something that many Midshipman get wrong. Why? Simply because they are [...]

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OCS Workout That Kills: Push, Pull, Press, Abs (PPPA)

I want to say that this has to be a classic OCS workout. I had heard about it from many people for several years and when I got to OCS there it was. The workout is actually fairly simple to do, but it will destroy your arms. It is also not going to be the only thing you do for a morning PT session. There may be a platoon run, or some "introduction to" type of workout that you do [...]

2 Rifle Cleaning Tools To Add To Your OCS Packing List

Rifle cleaning at OCS is surprisingly more enjoyable than you would expect. The drill instructors, for the most part, will leave you alone. Candidates do sometimes get more comfortable than they should. The instructors will catch on to this quickly and make sure you still know where you are at. As long as everyone keeps their mouth shut and is actively cleaning their rifles things will become quite pleasant, if only for a brief moment. Rifle cleaning is going to [...]

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