OCS Mission and Organization

OCS Mission and Organization

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Quince Bisard

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The mission of OCS is to train, evaluate, and screen officer candidates to ensure that they possess the moral, intellectual, and physical qualities for commissioning and the leadership potential to serve successfully as company- grade officers in the Operating Forces.

a. Evaluation of leadership potential is accomplished through the use of observation reports, leadership ratings, graded examinations, peer evaluations, and various practical applications. Each candidate is placed in leadership billets and situations and is evaluated on his/her performance by supervisory personnel. This is supplemented by constructive counseling designed to assess individual performance and identify leadership deficiencies.

b. Moral qualities are evaluated commensurate with leadership qualities. Observation reports, leadership ratings, peer evaluations, and observation and counseling by supervisory personnel are designed to assess individual moral courage and conduct as part of leadership potential.

c. Physical fitness evaluation is accomplished by a progressive physical fitness program and a series of practical application tests. This program is not designed exclusively for the candidate to successfully pass all the categories of the physical fitness test, but rather is designed to evaluate total fitness. The physical condition of the candidate is evaluated by various practical evaluations which measure his/her strength and endurance.


Officer candidates will be organized into training companies. The number of companies depends on the total number of officer candidates reporting for training. The staff of each candidate company is organized with a company headquarters and two or more candidate platoons. The company staff will consist of a Company Commander, Company Executive Officer, Company First Sergeant, Company Gunnery Sergeant, Company Police Sergeant, Company Clerk, Physical Training Instructor, Company Support Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), and a Company Corpsman. The platoon staff will consist of a Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, 2-3 Sergeant Instructors and a Platoon Corpsman. This chain of command is established to maintain control and accountability of personnel and equipment in the company. Whenever officer candidates initiate any type of action within the chain of command (asking a question, etc.), they will always begin with stating the individual's rank, regardless of to whom they wish to speak.