OCS Candidate Billets

OCS Candidate Billets

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Quince Bisard

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General Duties

The general duties of the various billet holders are described in this section. Additional duties will be explained when billet holders are posted. Many actions which billet holders are exported to conduct during the exercise of their routine duties are driven by the candidates’ own initiative and judgment. The evaluation of candidate billet holders will be based on the employment of the leadership traits as well as their ability to follow orders. Candidate billet holders must coordinate with each other and maintain open lines of communication with OCS training company staff members. All billet holders will be guided and evaluated in their actions according to the leadership traits and principles.


Candidate billet holders are responsible for posting appropriate security watches on rifles and equipment when stacked or grounded in company/platoon formations. No one except a recognized member of the company staff will be allowed access to any weapons

Assignment Procedures

Candidate billets are divided into fire team, squad, platoon, and company- level billets. These billets are progressive in nature, with each succeeding level becoming increasingly more complex and requiring more coordination and leadership ability. Each officer candidate will start at the fire team or squad level when possible and progress upward in his/her billet assignments, except PLC Seniors, who may begin their billets at any level. Depending on the size of the company, each officer candidate should serve in at least one company or platoon level non-tactical billet. These billets provide an administrative organization for the candidate companies, promote individual leadership training, and provide a means for evaluating each officer candidate's leadership potential.

Tour of Duty

The tour of duty will generally be from 48 to 72 hours. An individual officer candidate’s tour may be shortened or lengthened, depending on the officer candidate’s performance and/or the need by the staff to conduct further evaluation. All billet holders (from the Candidate Company Commander to each Candidate Fire Team Leader) will be posted and relieved at the same time The time for candidate billet holders to be posted and relieved will be 0500 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless otherwise specified by the Company Commander.

Posting and Relieving

Candidate billet holders will be posted, relieved and critiqued by their respective staff evaluator as shown in paragraphs 3007.2 and 8005 of these regulations.

There are two categories of billet holders at OCS: Officer Billets and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Billets