OCS Academics

OCS Academics

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Quince Bisard

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Academic Evaluation

Academic evaluation is based on the results of scores attained on written and practical examinations covering basic military subjects presented in the course. The passing grade for all examinations is 80.00 %. Officer candidates will be counseled on their performance for all exams on which they receive a failing score or a grade of 100 %. Officer candidates who have a failing or marginal academic average may be subject to disenrollment. Academic testing will cover general military subjects (GMS), history, and tactics. The following is a breakdown of tested subjects.

Academics: Weapons Performance, Weapons Written, General Military Subjects I and II, Day and Night Compass Courses, Close Order Drill, History I and II, and Leadership I and II.

Tactics: Tactics Examination, Operation Order Format, Land Navigation

Cheating and Collusion

At OCS, as well as anywhere else in the Marine Corps, violations of integrity will not be tolerated. The reputation and foundation of the Marine officer is based on the integrity of each officer.

Any officer candidate who observes cheating will immediately report the incident to the proctor. Any attempt on the part of an officcr candidate to give, receive, or possess any unauthorized information or material during an examination shall be considered as an integrity violation which constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. Cheating also consists of any attempt to obtain unauthorized information, regardless of whether the information is actually received or used.

Missed/Failed Written Exam

In the event that an officer candidate misses a written exam, he/she will make up the exam on the Saturday of that week. In the event that an officer candidate fails a written exam, he/she will be required to retake that exam on Saturday of that week to demonstrate mastery of the material.