Manpower Officer 0102

Manpower Officer 0102

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Manpower Officers have oversight and management responsibilities for the Marine Corps’ most important resource – our Marines. The Manpower and Personnel Administration occupational field, which includes several hundred Staff Noncommissioned Officers and Noncommissioned Officers (PMOS 0111 Administrative Specialists) and hundreds of restricted officers, (PMOS 0170 Personnel Officers), provides manpower and administrative support to commanders at all echelons, enhancing the readiness and operational capabilities of the total force. The Manpower and Personnel Administration occupational field maximizes operational effectiveness and lethality of the force, providing combatant and component commanders with “the right Marine, at the right time, in the right billet.” Critical functions supporting this mission include manning the force – a function that impacts the organization’s ability to build combat power – and providing administrative support and essential services to assigned and supported personnel. Whether in garrison or in a deployed environment, the Manpower and Personnel Administration occupational field provides critical human resource support functions that positively impact quality of life for Marines and their dependents.

What is an 0102?

Manpower Officers are the principal advisor to commanders on manpower staffing and administrative issues that directly impacting unit readiness. In addition to understanding the organization, structure and doctrine of the Marine Corps, they must be comfortable processing and analyzing large amounts of data derived from human resource software systems. A Manpower Officer’s day-to-day operations directly shape and manage the force, preparing commands for near- term developments and forecast future requirements. Manpower Officers typically serve in the billet of Adjutant during their initial tour. As the trusted agent of the commander, the Adjutant supervises and executes the four functions of administration: general administration, personnel administration, operational administration, and manpower administration. Adjutants typically are appointed collateral duties including: Legal Officer, Postal Officer, Casualty Assistance Command Representative, Command Historian, and Voting Officer. Qualifications include capacity and capability to understand, articulate, and solve complex concepts; understand, manage, and employ manpower systems and common software applications; interpersonal and communications skills; understanding of the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP); and critical and creative thinking and decision-making.

Are there any prerequisites to becoming a Manpower Officer

There are no prerequisites to becoming a Manpower Officer other than the MOS school(s).

Where do I go after TBS?

After TBS, officers selected at 0102's must complete the Basic Manpower Officer Course (BMOC) at the Personnel Administration School aboard Camp Johnson, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC. Course length is 48 training days. The BMOC focuses on four types of administration: general administration, management functions that provide direct support to the commander; manpower management, the optimal allocation of human resources throughout the command or unit; operational administration, administrative requirements that directly support the operational mission of the organization; and personnel administration, functions which involve reporting and maintaining manpower information that affects a Marine’s pay and compensation, and individual and family readiness.

What is it like being a Manpower Officer?

The majority of Manpower Officers in their first tour assignments are in operational commands that comprise each element of the MAGTF. First-tour assignments also include commands in the supporting establishment, typically at the installation level or, in some cases, training commands. Manpower Officers will serve as the unit Adjutant at an O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel) command, generally a squadron or battalion comprised of 400-1200 assigned personnel, for 12 to 24 months or more. Following this assignment, and depending upon on-hand inventory and unit staffing levels, Manpower Officers may rotate to higher-level staffs at the O-6 (Colonel) level where they will typically serve as the Adjutant. They may be assigned to a General Officer (G-level) staff at a MAW, MARDIV, or MLG within local proximity of their initial command, enabling their further development and understanding of operational planning while serving as an Exercise Officer, Manpower Officer, or Assistant G-1 Operations Officer.

The Adjutant’s scope of responsibility varies by command but typically includes coordination and execution of administrative services by supporting Personnel Administration Centers, daily confirmation and certification of on- hand personnel, deployable strength reporting, military justice, mailroom operations, and casualty response operations. Adjutants will become familiar with Defense Travel System application, the approval and procurement process for government travel in support of official events and training, routine and special correspondence, maintenance of files and directives, personnel strength reporting, and processing individual military awards and decorations. The majority of Adjutants are entrusted with the collateral responsibility of Legal Officer, which is vital to maintaining good order and discipline in units. As the key advisor to the commander on all matters related to manpower, the Adjutant must possess interpersonal skills, be mature, and perceptive. Other desirable include discretion, empathy, and trust. Adjutants typically have three to 15 Marines under their supervision, several of whom are NCOs and SNCOs. This small number of personnel is responsible for supporting and enabling the Corps’ greatest resource, its Marines.

  • 0111: Administrative Specialist (MGySgt to Pvt) PMOS
  • 0147: Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) (MGySgt to SSgt) FMOS
  • 0149: Substance Abuse Control Specialist (MGySgt to SSgt) FMOS
  • 0149: Substance Abuse Control Officer (SACO) (Gen to 2ndLt) FMOS
  • 0160: Postal Officer (CWO5 to WO) PMOS
  • 0161: Postal Clerk (MGySgt to Pvt) PMOS
  • 0170: Personnel Officer (CWO5 to WO) PMOS
  • 0171: Manpower Information Systems (MIS) Analyst (MGySgt to Cpl) NMOS (0111)

Sources/Credits: Please note that the information above was derived from and in most cases taken directly from the "Marine Officer MOS Assignment Handbook". The Basic School. Camp Barrett. March 3, 2019. All credit goes to the great staff at TBS for putting this together.

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