Dress Blue Uniform Tips For New Marine Officers

It is expected that newly commissioned officers will make mistakes. Many of which are going to be small and insignificant. However, any opportunity to pass on wisdom to help others avoid mistakes should be taken. Here are a few tips for those who have never worn the blue dress uniform before. More than a few lieutenants have gotten one or more of these things wrong.

Medal Placement

This is something that many Midshipman get wrong. Why? Simply because they are used to the wearing medals a certain way with the Navy Service Dress Blues. For the Marine uniform, don’t cover up the button on the chest pocket. Midshipman will be tempted to pin the medal 1/4 inch above the pocket, but this is simply not the case.

Incorrect Medal Placement

Correct Medal Placement

Don’t Forget The White Collar Strip

Anyone thinking about buying their uniform items separately might forget this small item. It is a white strip that lines the dress blues collar. It is indeed noticeable if you don’t wear one of these. Also, it helps prevent the collar insignia from digging into your neck. That would just not be pleasant.
White Collar Strip

Sam Browne Belt goes under the shoulder strap

A small detail that you are likely to get wrong if there is no one with more wisdom to tell you otherwise. The Sam Browne Belt goes underneath the dress blues shoulder strap.
Sam Browne Belt

Wearing the Sam Browne Belt AND the Blue Dress Belt

This one isn’t too common, but there are a few commissioning photos out there with new lieutenants looking like this. It seems like something would click and your natural instincts would tell you that this looks too ridiculous to be correct.

Marine Officer Dress Blues Belt

There are probably plenty of other common mistakes that lieutenants make when wearing their dress blue uniforms for the first time. This list contains a few that just seem to keep turning up. Read the regulations and ask other for help!

USMC Officer

As a Marine Corps Officer, my goal is to help and educate those who have obtained, or are aspiring to earn, the title of Marine Officer.

  • Caleb

    Hey I’m headed to OCC June 1st, and was wondering if anyone knew when I can get my blues, and how long they take? I know we order the Alphas at OCC, but nobody has been able to tell me when we can order the Blues. The issue is that I finish OCC Aug 7th, and I’m getting married Aug 15th, and I would like to get married in them. Thanks.

    1. USMC Officer

      During OCS you will be allocated time to take care of purchasing dress blues, and all other uniforms. There is an initial class where the TBS Uniform Shop and Marine Shop battle for your business. They will also take all of your measurements so you can simply call during liberty to place an order. Both uniform shops are within a few minutes drive of OCS, so you can also take a cab there on the weekends to take care of any issues.

      If your really paranoid you can put in an order before you get to OCS and then pickup everything while your there. This would mean getting measured by someone VERY accurately. Also, take into account the 5-10+ pounds you will lose at OCS.

      1. Caleb

        Alright, thanks for the reply

  • Susan

    Is it possible to get regulations for the female officer marine uniform?

    1. USMC Officer

      Yes, I will add them as soon as I can.

  • Carlos Morales

    I use to see my dad always wearing the Sam Browne belt. Is it mandatory for Marine officers to wear the Sam Browne belt with the Dress Blues or is it only with a certain unifor IE: Alpha or Bravos

    1. USMC Officer

      It is dictated by the event. The CO will authorize/require the belts. Either way, officers are required to own one.

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