Marine on a hump through wet terrain

Field Exercise I (FEX I) at The Basic School

When it comes to Field Exercise I you should be prepared to be extremely physically miserable. There is obscene amounts of weight to be carried — over 100lbs. You will be humping all over the place, dealing with the weather, and sleeping on the cold, wet ground. Bottom line here is that you, and everyone

Marine navigating an obstacle

TBS Phase I and II Recap

The following information provides a quick overview of some events that will be encountered during Phase I and II of The Basic School (TBS).


The Basic School MCMAP Week

For those of you unfamiliar with the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), there are three belts that each require you to learn and perfect a series of progressively more difficult techniques. All Marines upon graduating from TBS on the officer side and Recruit Training on the enlisted side have earned their first one: Tan

Female Marine Firing A Pistol

Range Week At The Basic School

  Range week is about a 3-week phase of instruction that comes right after your first slew of basic classes (those last about a week or two), the first major exam, and right before MCMAP week. As the name implies, the ultimate objective of range week is to make you proficient at marksmanship with the

Marines training tactics

The Basic School Blog I Cannot Start … Yet!

The Basic School is still several months away for me, but I am too eager to wait to write my first article related to TBS. At this point, there is nothing for me to write about that would be very useful to anyone. What I want to do is outline what I plan to write