Platoon Running At Marine OCS

Connecting Fitness and Leadership. An OCS Perspective

Physical fitness and leadership are interconnected in more ways than can be written. On paper, leadership accounts for 50% of candidates’ overall grade while physical fitness makes up 25%. The reality is that the two categories of evaluation and not separable. Physical fitness will play an important role when it comes to proving your leadership

OCS Drill Competition

Leading Your Peers. The Key To OCS Leadership.

Before anyone could ever hope to lead Marines they must first learn to lead their peers. Officer Candidates School is interesting in that it tests whether individuals are capable of establishing command authority over their peers. Being put in a candidate billet is going to mean close to nothing to your peers. It is an

OCS Endurance Course

The Marine OCS Endurance Course. Some Will Fail.

The Endurance Course is the most physically challenging event that candidates will have to undergo at Marine OCS. Everyone must complete the Endurance Course in order to graduate from OCS. It is an event that WILL send some candidates home. Females, in particular, tend to have a very difficult time with the course. However, males

Marine with M16's

2 Rifle Cleaning Tools To Add To Your OCS Packing List

Rifle cleaning at OCS is surprisingly more enjoyable than you would expect. The drill instructors, for the most part, will leave you alone. Candidates do sometimes get more comfortable than they should. The instructors will catch on to this quickly and make sure you still know where you are at. As long as everyone keeps

OCS Tarzan Course

The Only Thing Not To Do On The Tarzan Course.

The Tarzan Course is considered a physical fitness event at OCS. I will tell you right now that it doesn’t require any significant amount of physical fitness. The course is more geared towards coordination and mental fortified … I guess some candidates are afraid of heights or something? I want to say that this is

Platoon in Formation at Marine Officer Candidate School

Be Prepared For The “Moment Of Truth” at OCS

The “Moment Of Truth” is a part of OCS in which you are given the opportunity to disclose various types of information about yourself that may have been overlooked by your AMOI, MOI, or OSO. Essentially, the Marine Corps needs to know about any laws you may have violated. I do not remember all of

Marine OCS Candidates sitting in the classroom

3 Tips To Stay Awake During Class At Marine OCS

Everyone who has endured Marine OCS knows that staying awake during class can be quite brutal. The schedule at OCS is no joke. There is always something going on and it can become very exhausting. Imagine trying to get through a schedule such as this: 2100: Night Land Navigation 0000: Get to sleep in the