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As a Marine Corps Officer, my goal is to help and educate those who have obtained, or are aspiring to earn, the title of Marine Officer.

Health Care for Marines in the Individual Ready Reserve

One of the first things you should be concerned with upon commissioning is understanding the benefits that you will receive while waiting for The Basic School. There are definitely a few small details that I was not aware of prior to commissioning that I would like to share. If you have questions about these types of things make sure you make an inquiry with the staff at your unit and get answers. Medical Coverage Yes, while in the Individual Ready [...]

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What It Means To Be A Marine In The Individual Ready Reserve?

If you are reading this ahead of your commissioning, I would first like to congratulate you on your accomplishments. It is not an easy endeavor making it through all of the hurdles that precede becoming a Marine Corps Officer. If you are not yet at that point, the information I am going to give will still be helpful in helping you prepare for the many week, or possibly months, of IRR time to come. Official Definition "The Marine Corps IRR [...]

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